2020 Summer Games Tokyo Packages

2020 Tokyo Olympics Travel Packages

Tokyo, Japan: July 24 - August 9, 2020
2020 Tokyo Olympics Travel Packages

2020 Tokyo Olympics Travel Packages

Many years of excellent work all over the world let us guarantee you incredible vacations and amazing experience. For that reason, in 2017 we travelled to Tokyo to negotiate the best sport event of the year – the XXXII Olympic Games that take place this summer 2020. Now we have the honour to offer you a fascinating trip to one of the most popular destinations in the world, where everyone gets enchanted by the culture and the history of this city.

Enjoy every competition, be surprized by every new record, celebrate every victory and jut be a part of that Olympic fire discovering Tokyo with Sports Travel Fan, the host of your trip.

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2020 Tokyo Olympics Travel Packages

Our operation around the world allows us to guarantee you incredible trips, for that reason in 2017 we traveled to Tokyo to analyze and negotiate the biggest sport event in the world, the Summer Games XXXII that will be held are 2020. This fills us with excitement to offer you the best experience of your life. Besides, Tokyo is one of the ten most operated destinations by Sports Travel Fan, and every client we have taken from the other side of the world ends up enchanted by the culture of this amazing city.

Enjoy each competition, surprise yourself with each new record, celebrate each victory, be part of the Olympic fire and discover TOKYO, with Sports Travel Fan, the site of your travels.

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Information of the 2020 Summer Games in Tokyo

2020 Summer Olympics

Tokyo welcomed the whole world at the past Olympics in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 and from that moment the expectations and the nostalgia were a great motivation to travel to this great event. Imagine to celebrate every victory among the best world champions while living through a very unique culture.

Tokyo offers a variety of amazing activities such as Akihabara, a place where you can buy the high technology gadgets and enjoy playing video games, or the temple of Sensoji, one of the most ancient in the city. Shibuya is another popular place of interest that offers shops and excellent restaurants. And to know better the daily life of the citizens you can walk through the Ueno Park that consists of lakes, temples and museums. Besides, there are other attractive parks as Disney Tokyo.

Without a doubt Tokyo is a fantastic city that maintains balance between traditional and future worlds, and what is the best way of discovering it during such important international sport event. Every competition lights up the fire in every viewer, gives emotions and happiness to see the competitors reach their goal and brake their records, it is definitely a unique experience.

The eyes of the whole world are watching the athletes fight for the medals.

Be a part of this marvellous trip, a part of the sport history of the humanity, discover a city full of diversion, technology, colour, culture and emotions. Contemplate the action of the best sport champions of the world fighting for their victory and honour to represent their nation.

2020 Tokyo Olympics Travel Packages - 2020 Tokyo Olympics Travel Packages - 2020 Tokyo Olympics Travel Packages